Festivals, Art Walks/Shows, and Fairs


Burning Man:

10007441_294631987360208_382170592_n 10635836_790656857622930_340976746343160184_n994053_626803120690170_812091882_n

Dana Point Festival of Whales:


Photos by Omar Nazif

Anaheim Art Crawl:

11263974_717628138347947_8007035960003298237_n11696000_496662577157147_1056394496243722336_n13612_917499741605307_8911647859362460385_n photos by Eric Anderson from Photographic Flow

Chocolate and Art Show:

11018146_881886105166671_7341305164182067200_n Photos by C.M. Buff11046409_881886178499997_8168201567055035101_n

16th Annual Elvis Festival :

10985438_10207887038680235_1951645162684983426_n11951094_10207887008719486_1445815687734573305_n11951305_10207841501981846_1141784697408042732_n Posing with Mark Mester from our segment on the KTLA Morning Show

Click the link below to watch our segments (watch the last 2 videos on the link)


Mystical Bazaar :


Photo by Dudley Yerby



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