El Fuego da la Vida


We are an all girl fire troupe specializing in fire safety and multiple tool usage. We all have dance and theater backgrounds and can dance to most anything to any type of show. Be it a large event like a festival or a small event like a backyard birthday party, we can make a show that can fit your budget but still “WOW” you. Book us today!

Sweet 16! Weddings! Qunices! Fundraiser Events! Birthdays! BBQ’s! Fairs! Corporate Events! Film! Modeling! WE DO IT ALL!

To book please email:


or call/text: Kat 949-412-4603

Fire Performance History:

It is believed that the Maori people of New Zealand were the first pioneers as the originators of poi, thus starting the art of fire dancing. Poi is a Maori word meaning “ball on a string.” Maoris warriors originally used poi as a form of exercise to train for battle or hunting. By swinging the heavy balls they developed wrist strength and flexibility to handle various weapons and tools. Eventually poi was used as a form of storytelling and dance.

Modern fire dancing in America did not grow popular until the early 1990s as performance art at massive party events such as raves, concerts, nightclubs, and beach parties. Some thank the western fascination with fire dancing to the growing popularity of the Burning Man festival, in which many Americans were first exposed to fire dances.